Since Judo Jim's Judo Academy has been delivering the after school Judo lessons, the benefits have been clear for the children who attend the after school Judo lessons both inside and outside of the classroom. With continuing success the after school lessons have now increased to incorporating a Saturday morning lesson as well. The school is also being recognised for their role by being awarded the school2dojo award. In addition, as the Judo club is validated as a Children's University learning destination, our pupils are able to earn extra credits towards their children's university awards.

Mr Neville (Head of Physical Education, Cecil Road School) 2017

'The Judo Academy began their first Judo Course at the Judd in September 2017 to December 2017 which proved to be very popular and, was in fact oversubscribed. As a consequence of the Judo Academies Judo Course/s popularity the Judd have invited the Judo Academy to continue with their Judo Course/s in January 2018 and once again this Judo Course has proved to be very successful and popular whereby the Judd are now working with the Judo Academy to establish the Judo Course/s on a long term basis at the Judd.'

Head of Department (Physical Education) The Judd School 2018

JUDO JIM’s ACADEMY has worked at Bethany School for the past two years. He runs very successful, enjoyable and structured classes. He has built a good working environment with our pupil’s and challenged them to be successful. He has coached both junior and senior students, although most of his work has been with the senior students. The academy works within our Senior Games programme running coaching sessions for up to two hours. Students have progressed very well under his tutoring and have been successful in gaining their yellow and orange belts. The academy has a wonderful enthusiasm for Judo and a genuine interests in seeing the pupils succeed and grow in character as well as judo ability. I would recommend him to other Schools as a successful Judo Academy that is enthusiastic about teaching Judo.

Director of Sport. Bethany School 2018

Judo Jim’s Academy provided an introduction to judo course at Byron Primary School. Jim coached a group of KS2 children. Jim was enthusiastic and extremely professional throughout his time with us and developed good relationships with the children. He encouraged the children and boosted their confidence by gradually building up their skills at a pace which he adapted according to their abilities. Jim was firm and fair with all of the children. Jim was extremely reliable; he turned up to every session in advance of the start time in order to prepare for each lesson and provided all of the equipment that was required. We would recommend him to other schools for the provision of judo lessons.Type your paragraph here.

Byron Primary School 2018