Daniel Brown and Charlotte Nixon with their medals

Daniel Brown and Charlotte Nixon now enter the National British Schools Championships in April.

Promising judo prospects from an Ashford academy have won silver medals in a major regional tournament. Daniel Brown, who attends John Wallis Academy in Ashford, and Charlotte Nixon, of Folkestone School for Girls, recently competed in the British Schools Southern Area Championships and both claimed second place finishes. Their triumph means they are automatically entered into the National British Schools Championships which is being held in Sheffield in April this year. Senior club coach, Jim Winter-Nolan, said: “Both Daniel and Charlotte fought hard for their medals and performed admirably against other Judo players from across Hampshire, Kent, Surrey and Sussex in a very competitive arena. “Considering this was Daniel and Charlotte’s first time in this competitive arena only endorses the hard work, diligence and dedication they have both shown and put into their judo training at Judo Jim’s Judo Academy Ashford.”


It was a huge privilege to have received the news that Judo Jim's Judo Academies had been nominated for a national Judo award. It was an even bigger privilege to be further  notified that Judo Jim's Judo Academies having been nominated had also been award a national award for 'Community Club of the Year' by the British Judo Association. Judo Jims Coach Team member Glen Winter-Nolan stated that this award is particularly significant and meaningful as it encompasses everyone who has contributed to the success of Judo Jim's Judo Academies. Those on the Judo mat and taking part in the Olympic sport of Judo both young and old, those who take the time and make the effort to bring people to the Judo lessons and the Judo Coaching Team themselves. As Judo Jims Judo Academies were the only Judo club in Kent and the South East to have been awarded this national accolade only adds to this award being even more special. Judo Jims Judo Academies can be found in Ashford, Gillingham and Gravesend and can be contacted on 07546374043, info@judojim.org or find us at www.judojim.org 


Included in the photograph are Judo Jims Coaching Team members Lee Jones, Glen Winter-Nolan and Jim Winter-Nolan along with Kate Howey (2x Olympic Medallist/former world Judo Champion) Nekoda Davis (GB No 1) European V1 Champion Chris Skelley and wife Louise Hunt para London Olympian.

Recenty Andy a member of Judo Jims Judo Academy and a Judoka himself travelled to the home of Judo, the Kodokan in Japan. Whilst Andy was in Japan he presented Judo Jims Judo Academy letter of introduction which Andy had translated into Japanese to the secretary of the Kodokan. Andy also took pictures from inside the Kodokan of the Judoka training as well with the statue of Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo at the entrance to the Kodokan.

What a fantastic scoop for Judo Jims Judo Academy. Many, many thanks to Andy for swimming all that way just to deliver our letter!

Charlotte, (2nd left) with her Gold medal which she won at the recent Kent Area Junior Judo trials which now means Charlotte qualifies to become a member of the Kent Junior Judo Squad. Charlotte, who is a member of Judo Jims Judo Academy (Ashford) although having a very hard and long day fought with skill, determination and pride on her way to taking the Gold medal. What a fantastic achievement by Charlotte who displayed all the virtues of a good Judoka by conducting herself admirably and courteously throughout the day. We are all very proud of Charlotte and her achievements, well done Charlotte.

We have received the prestigious British Judo Association Clubmark award for our Ashford Academy.